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The most beautiful stage to portray. After working with children for over 20 years I can say that childhood memories go by way too fast. In the blink of an eye your baby will become a teenager, that's why I think this is one of the sessions that you cannot stop doing.



In this session my job will be to engage with your baby, play with him and capture his best gestures and smiles.


Each baby is different and the age they are at the time of the session is decisive for the flow of the session. Babies can stay attentive in a small space while those who walk are more explorers, for this reason I offer you the option of portraits of just the baby or with one more member of the family.

Collections start at $580

A $100 retainer and a signed contract will be required to book a spot in my agenda.

For more information and details about collections fill the form in the contact area.

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